Dear visitors,

It is a great honour and privilage to be the Ambassador in a country like Canada, the country which is the pillar of democracy and the country withone of the world’s best example of freedom, tolerance and multiculturalism. As an active member of the international community Canada alone, or throught international organizations and financial institutions, continuously supported all positive integrations and development projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we do hope that this support will continue in the future.

Bilateral relationship between Canada and Bosnia and Hercegovina has always been respectable and amicable. My intention is to further improve and enhance this relationship in various areas and aspects.

One of the most significant aspects of the Embassy work will be economic diplomacy. In this context the most important thing will be to enhance economic cooperation in terms of investments and trade. My deep belief is that Bosnia and Herzegovina’s economy has much to offer Canada, and it is also the country that can bring great benefits to Canadian companies who would invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These investments and economic connections can benefit citizens of both countries.

The most important task of Embassy is to serve the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina that live and work in Canada. I would say that they are the best ambassadors of our culture, tradition, and way of life and the priority of Embassy work is to be supportive in their activities and at the service to their needs.

With acknowledgment for your visit I invite you to contact us with no hesitation with your initiatives, applications, and requests in which my colleagues and I could be of assistance.


H.E. Marko Milisav


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