Ambassador's Welcome

Dear guests, friends and fellow citizens,

It is not mere courtesy when I say that it is a special honor and pleasure to be Ambassador to Canada. Canada is a big country, not only in its vastness, but also in its democratic tradition, diversity, beauty and in the big heart of Canadians.

Canada is also a country of immigrants, among whom are our fellow citizens as well. Assistance to and cooperation with our fellow citizens is one of the main reasons for the presence of the diplomatic and consular mission in Ottawa, and is one of the main tasks we have here. Within our capacities, we will try to assist everyone, within the limits of the regulations that we abide by.

From the very beginning, relations between Canada and Bosnia and Herzegovina have been friendly. We are grateful to Canada for the help it provided and continues to provide in the implementation of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina and on our path to membership in the European Union. I hope that we will further expand and deepen our connections and relations in various areas of mutual interest.

I am the ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina as it is, in all its beauty and inscrutability. As an ambassador, my role is to represent the policies adopted by the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and to work according to the laws passed by the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is based on an agreement that implies understanding and respecting the rights and needs of its constituent peoples and all citizens who live in it. Thus it is also here, in diaspora, especially important to emphasize what unites us in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and not what separates us.

Although small compared with Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina is geographically diverse, a magically beautiful country, with a rich cultural and historical heritage and good people. We will try to give Canadians the opportunity to get to know at least a small part of that beauty.

Do not hesitate to contact me personally if you have a proposal for cooperation with institutions, companies and citizens in our country or if you need help with the cultural, economic or academic cooperation projects that you are already working on or are planning.

Welcome to the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Ottawa!

Aleksandar Bogdanić

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