Bosnia and Herzegovina is the heart shaped land that lies in the heart of southeast Europe. It is here that eastern and western civilizations met, sometimes clashed, but more often enriched and reinforced each other throughout its long history.

There are many fascinating destinations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina for every type of tourist. In BiH, one gets the best of both worlds. Here, the most interesting and attractive sites are a wonderful mix of this tiny country’s cultural and natural heritage. It is almost impossible to separate them, for it is from this pristine nature that its cultures and traditions evolved.

BH is first among the top 15 destinations to visit in 2015

Portal World Of Wanderlust included BiH among the top 15 destinations for travelin 2015. There are a number of reasons why it’s worth it to come and visit our country, and the most prominent are the natural charm and beauty that BiH has.

Portal WOW earlier this year listed 10 reasons why you should visit BiH. “Why? Just look at the photo, it speaks a thousand words. BiH is special and one of the most picturesque countries”, wrote WOW.

BiH is in first place among the Top 15 countries and "shoulder to shoulder" with Ireland, Chile, Australia, Oman, the Philippines, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey, Madagascar and Cuba.

Mostar is number one on Trivago’s list of top destinations

MostarThe famous tourist company Trivago has prepared a list of the world's best destinations that travelers need to visit in the next year, and the recommended destination in first place is Mostar. Trivago is known for suggesting cities worth visiting, which are also very affordable for travelers. Mostar is only one of the cities in the region that is included on the list. A list of the top five cities: 1. Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 2. Novi Sad (Serbia), 3.Lijiang(China), 4.Plovdiv(Bulgaria) and 5.Szeged (Hungary).

Mostar’s Stari Most (Old Bridge)
The old bridge is perhaps the finest example of Ottoman ingenuity and Dalmatian masonry in the western Balkans. Not only does this precious stone structure bridge the east and west banks of the emerald Neretva River, it also symbolizes the crossroads of eastern and western civilizations.

National Geographic Ranks BiH in the Top 10 adventure Tourism Destinations

National Geographic ranked Bosnu i Hercegovina among the 10 best adventure destinations for 2012. Among the destinations that offer excellent rafting, mountaineering, skiing and other adrenaline sports, BiH was named as offering the best mountain biking trails. Three years ago, Lonely Planet declared Bosnia and Herzegovina the state with greatest potential to become the top adventure destination in Eastern Europe.

Sarajevo’s Bascarsija (Old Tow)
The Old Town ‘Bascarsija’ may be hard to pronounce but it is certainly one of the most impressive and charming market centers in the country. Bascarsija has been a trading and meeting place since the 15th century as caravans from Asia minor, Dubrovnik and the west met here to trade their wares.

Neum – the sunny Adriatic
Although its only a tiny strip of the gorgeous Adriatic, Neum has become a major seaside resort. Ideally located between Split and Dubrovnik and just a short distance to Mostar and Medugorje, Neum is an inexpensive holiday spot for fun and the sun.

Jahorina Mountain
The XIV Winter Olympics are long gone, but the slopes still remain, and so does olympic style skiing. Jahorina has made a great comeback as southeast Europe’s best ski resort. Great skiing. Great accommodation. Great fun. All just a short ride from the capital Sarajevo.

Bjelasnica Mountain
This Olympic mountain is also making a steady comeback. It was the site of the men’s slalom and is by far the most challenging ski trails in the country. Off the beaten track are ideal spots for cross country and tour skiing, as well as year round hiking, biking, and village tourism in the ancient highland villages.

In the early 1980’s several teenagers saw a vision of the Virgin Mary. Since then this sleepy Herzegovina village has been transformed into one of the largest Catholic pilgrimages in the world.

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