Main motive for your business visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina should be high-quality and highly educated work force, low business expenses, good connections with regional markets, as well as Bosnian natural scenery, cultural and historic monuments, and people with open heart. In the past decade, the business community has, owing to the presence of various international agencies, foreign investors, and programs for technical support, adopted principles of modern business practices.

Investing and making business in  BiH

“Bosnia and Herzegovina . . . good manpower, good clients, good results. Is there a need for something else?”

Jean-Francois Le Roch: Initiator of having INTERMARCHE, the French group, enter BiH market.

  • BiH has very favorable geographical position – being on the cross road between the West and the East, Mediterranean and the Continent, two hours flight distance from business centers;
  • Companies in BiH have rich tradition of successful participation in international projects worldwide (before the war, some of companies from BiH were leading world companies in their spheres);
  • BiH has highly qualified and motivated workforce, with good knowledge of foreign languages;
  • BiH has stable currency linked to  EURO;
  • Inflation rate per annum in BiH does not exceed 3%
  • 95% of products from BiH is exempted from all taxes during import in the countries of EU;
  • BiH enjoys trade preferential when exporting its goods in certain number of other countries;
  • In terms of the rights, foreign investors are equaled to local ones;
  • Rights of foreign investors in BiH are specially protected;
  • BiH has up to date telecommunication network;
  • BiH is important power producer and exporter in the region;

Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Chamber of Economy of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Chamber of Economy of Republic of Srpska

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