BiH i KanadaCanada recognized the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 04.07.1992 and diplomatic relations were established on 14.12.1995. The Canadian Embassy in Sarajevo was closed in August 2009, and is now represented in Budapest.

Canada is a member of the Peace Implementation Council in Bosnia (PIC) and believes that the future stability and prosperity of BiH requires further strengthening of regional cooperation. In this regard, it should be noted that it was with Canadian support, within the framework of the Stability Pact, a project was initiated to develop a regional energy network in South-East Europe (BRPs).

Canadian peacekeepers with a contingent of 4,000 roops remained in all peacekeeping missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina fro, 1992 to March 2010. Canada has positively evaluated the participation of the Armed Forces in international missions ISAF in Afghanistan and supports BiH's accession to MAP and NATO.

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) has implemented over 120 projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, worth more than $140 million. CIDA was initially there for humanitarian reasons, and then worked on the consolidation of peace in Bosnia and implementation of projects in the areas of health, demining, education and human rights. Canada has so far invested nearly $10 million for the demining process in BiH.

Parliamentary Friendship Group Canada - Bosnia and Herzegovina was formed and began operations on 15.11.2011.

BiH citizens in Canada

According to Canadian official sources, based on the census that took place 2011, this country has more than 20,000 citizens of BiH origin. Not counting the "old immigration” from the former Yugoslavia, of which there is insufficient data, the majority of Bosnian citizens came to Canads as refugees during the war of the 90s. They have regular status in Canada (permanent residence and work permit), and on admission to citizenship, the Canadian government has not sought a waiver of the citizenship of their home country.

In Canada, there is a greater number of associations and clubs for BiH citizens. Ethnically divided, but one number has a religious symbol. In Canada, there are a number of supplementary schools in the BiH languages. There are separate schools for the BH. Languages, organized within religious communities, clubs and associations, and their work is largely financed by the parents themselves. Canadian authorities are encouraging the opening of supplementary schools in minority languages in this country with two official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina which are recognized as languages of origin (Heritage Language).

Between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Canada the following bilateral agreements have been signed:

  1. Arrangement on reciprocal employment of family members of diplomatic and consular personnel (initiated by BiH 25.03.2004, enforced 27.02.2006).
  1. “Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Canada and the Council of Ministers - Canadian project for young people and the health of the Balkans."
  1. “Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Canada and the Council of Ministers - Canadian project in primary health care in the Balkans.” Initiatives have been to sign the following agreement:
  • Agreement on Social Securitv
  • Agreement on legal assistance in civil, criminal and commercial matters
  • Agreement on the protection and promotion of investments
  • Agreement on Avoidance of Double Taxation
  • Agreement on the exchange of young

Bosnia and Herzegovina and Canada are succeeded by a series of bilateral agreements that were in effect between the former Yugoslavia and Canada. The following contracts have been passed on:

  • Convention on the organization of mutual assistance in proceedings in civil and commercial matters that are pending or may be in proceedings before the competent judicial authorities (London, 27.02.1936).
  • Agreement on compensation for British property right and interests affected by the Yugoslav measures of nationalization, expropriation, seizure or liquidation. (London, 12.1948).
  • Arrangement of exchanges in the field of Science and Technology (Ottawa,11.03.1971.).
  • The Trade Agreement between the Government of Yugoslavia and the Government of Canada (Belgrade, 24.10.1973.).
  • Agreement between the Federal Executive Council of Yugoslavia and the Government of Canada investment protection (Belgrade, 21.12.1979.).
  • Agreement on film and video co-production between SIV SFRY and the Government of Canada (Montreal, 11.02.1988.).
  • Arrangement between the Department of Agriculture of Canada and the Federal Committee on Agriculture of Yugoslavia, in the field of veterinary medicine (Belgrade, 15.08.1984.).
  • Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Canada and the Federal Executive Council Yugoslavia on cooperation in the field of agriculture and food industry (Belgrade, 15.08.1983.).
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